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Soapbox by LYT


With 30 young artists and a cracking creative team, LYT have combined verbatim/documentary theatre with a large-scale story exchange, inspired by the work of Narrative 4. Via Zoom and WhatsApp, members shared their beliefs, frustrations, and personal stories, through the framework of the 15 departments of the Irish government. Every aspect of Irish life is overseen by these departments, so it proved the ideal structure to get an all-round view of the lives of Limerick artists aged 16-19.

‘Soapbox’ is a project borne of necessity and unbridled stubbornness. When Covid scuppered LYT’s plans for its annual summer production, members put their heads together and developed this unique idea.

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Genres: Film / Theatre


No Booking Required

Link to Access Coming Soon