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From the makers of the #1 ‘Remember Dolores Podcast’, ‘Piani Luimní’ and ‘Piano for Dolores’, and with the support of Limerick Arts Office, comes a new podcast series looking at the lanes of Limerick.
What if you threw a net over a block of Georgian Limerick and interviewed everyone you could find?  Who would you meet?  What would you learn about the city from the folks that live on these lanes?  And those who work here.  And those passing through.  And those who walked these lanes long ago?  Where did these lanes come from?  And what was there before?
Creator Mark O’Connor:  ‘Though I grew up on Limerick’s Clare side, I’ve just moved into this area and I have lots of questions about the heritage and history of this place.  I’ve attended the Limerick Laneways Zoom meetings during lockdown and see a lot of interesting ideas taking shape.  I hope this podcast will be a dynamic conversation which will invigorate the exchange, connect people up and be of interest to everyone.  The lanes of Limerick are this other peaceful world to discover, with flora and fauna, silences and sounds all its own.  We aim to find the voices of those who live backing onto these lanes, and those who work, study, retire and or just pass through.  And all going well, we can go again for the other lanes in the city in the future.’

Time: 6pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Live Radio / Other / Talk / Tour


No Booking Required

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