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The Last Laundry

Self-Guided Walking Tour with Caelainn Hogan & Denis Clohessy


Link to access audio file: https://soundcloud.com/culturenight/the-last-laundry-by-caelainn-hogan-denis-clohessy-self-guided-walking-tour

Walking route: Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) Cathal Brugha Street to Railway Street

Click here to see the route map.

In the heart of our city, a few minutes walk from landmarks like the GPO and the Spire, stand the remains of the Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street, an institution for ‘fallen women’ that was the last of its kind to close.

In 1996, the same year that the Spice Girls had their hit ‘Wannabe’, the last laundry finally ceased operating. But survivors still live with the weight of the stigma and abuse they experienced within the walls. This Culture Night, take a self-led audio tour that sheds light on what was hidden in this place where thousands of women and girls were sent, some never leaving.

You will be guided around the outside of the Laundry building, which is still standing, from the Virgin Mary overlooking the convent’s big wooden door, to the rusted fan at the back where women laboured. Most importantly, you will hear Delia, a survivor of this institution who managed to escape, speak about the reality of life inside.

Begin at the Irish Family Planning Association (Cathal Brugha St), just off O’Connell Street and on the same street as the Laundry, with the tour taking only around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Time: 4pm - 11:45pm

Genres: Audio Walk / Sound Walk

Address: Starting point: IFPA, Cathal Brugha St

No Booking Required