Kilkenny County Council

Truck Art On A Car - Pakistani Culture


Art gives us a medium to express ourselves. We have been carving the cave walls since our evolution. We decorate our living space, dresses, and our bodies to express our values. Similarly, in South East Asia, especially Pakistan and India, truck drivers treat their vehicles like their beloved. They use intricate design and patterns, augment them with chains and colourful mirrors to bring out their beauty.

Sobia studied in Pakistan and completed her Masters degree in printmaking and fine art. Her focus so far has been on depicting the inner feelings, moods, psychology of our turmoil using oil on canvas. Since she moved from Pakistan to Ireland four years ago, she had been looking for a project to continue her practice. In this current project, she has kept one goal in mind, to introduce Irish people to the truck art culture that is so deep rooted in Pakistan. So, she used her old car whose fate was no more than a dump car.  It is her contribution to society to express how colourful it could be when we open our arms for the people from other race, culture, and ethnicity.


Time: 5pm - 10pm

Genres: Other / Visual Art / Visuals

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: The Parade, Kilkenny City

No Booking Required