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The Kilkenny Catwalk 2021 is a fantastic arts trail of 22 wonderful Kilkenny Cat sculptures which have been decorated by some of Ireland’s most talented artists, mainly local, for public display in and around Kilkenny City. The trail will go live on the 11th October 2021 and remain in place until Easter 2022.

The trail is designed to immerse people in Kilkenny’s rich heritage while at the same time supporting the Keep Well Campaign. At the conclusion of the project, all artwork will be auctioned to raise funds for the St Mary’s Almshouses refurbishment project.

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View some Cat Sculptures on Culture Night: To preview a selection of the cats on Culture Night, visit; MacDonagh Junction, Unit 28 (beside TK Max), open 9am – 9pm.

Time: 3pm - 9pm

Genres: Visual Art

Features: Family friendly

Address: Mac Donagh Junction, Kilkenny


Phone: 0567794547

No Booking Required

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The Kilkenny Famine Experience


Visit Kilkenny Union Workhouse, adjacent to Kilkenny Train Station, now beautifully restored as MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre to take this FREE audio visual self-led tour.

Hear the heartbreaking and poignant human stories recorded in local newspaper articles and minute books from the Board of Guardians, a true reflection of the Kilkenny Famine Experience from the perspective of the Workhouse inmates and staff.

Learn about the ground-breaking research carried out as the result of the unexpected discovery of over 970 human remains in 2005, described as the most significant discovery in the world relating to the Irish Famine. These remains, the Kilkenny Famine Victims offered groundbreaking osteo-archaeological insights into the influencing factors that made some survive and more perish in 1840’s Ireland.

Visit the final resting place of these victims and pay respect to their memory at the Famine Memorial Garden. View the beautiful bronze sculpture commissioned in 2017 to honour their memory. Reconnect to them as individuals; realising that each had names, complex feelings, relationships, hopes and fears facing Ireland’s darkest period in history.

Meet the young Saul brothers, John and Patrick who sought refuge in the Workhouse in 1842 after being abandoned by their parents on the docks in Dublin. Faced with an arduous journey on foot back to Clonmel, they presented at the Workhouse and were admitted.

Open 9.30am – 9pm



Time: 3pm - 9pm

Genres: Heritage / History

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny


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