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Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet 2021


Kilkenny Arts Office presents another wonderful selection of poetry to listen to on the Freephone Poetry Phone. Simply dial 1800 272 994 or visit

This collection features the eleven poems selected for the 2021 Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet. The aim of this annual Broadsheet is to give local writers a platform for their work. This year’s Broadsheet was edited by Jessica Traynor, poet, dramaturg, librettist and creative writing teacher.

‘‘What I found in the poems submitted was intriguing; a deepening of attention, a journeying inwards to the world of family, domestic life and nature.’ Jessica Traynor

Time: 3pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Language / Literature / Poetry / Spoken Word

Features: Family friendly

Phone: 0567794547

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Prima Materia


Kilkenny Arts Office is delighted to announce Prima Materia, a solo exhibition of work by Irish installation artist Helen MacMahon.
Prima Materia will be open to the public from 17th Sept – 10th Oct. Prima Materia has been curated and designed to be viewed through the gallery windows and online. This exhibition sees work being exhibited in 76-77 John Street Lower, Online at and on Instagram @kilkennyartsoffice.

The past 18 months have seen our world rocked to its core. Contrary to what our senses would have us believe, the world we inhabit is not solid or fixed but exists in a state of perpetual creation. Institutions, structures, and supports that once seemed unassailable have crumbled in the face of an invisible enemy.

Prima Materia, the name given by alchemists to the formless substance that is the essence of the beginnings of all things, is a primordial chaos existing in a state between energy and matter containing all possibilities. Carl Jung believed it to be the unconscious mind. Prima Materia, therefore, seems a fitting metaphor at a time we find ourselves poised at a point of infinite potential, ready to review, renew or rebuild our inner and outer worlds.

MacMahon’s art practice is concerned primarily with the phenomena of light, movement, perception, and space. The work strives to observe and reveal the ecosystem that exists between the viewer and these intangible elements that exist in a perpetual state of
transformation. Changes occurring in each element have a perceptible impact on the others,  revealing previously overlooked properties and characteristics. Prima Materia is the second installment in a three-part curatorial project that explores the shifting of perspectives in three chapters: Past, Present, and Future. Positioning othered voices to the fore and providing new lenses with which to view our world, each exhibition will focus on an artist or artists whose work teases out alternative histories, hidden narratives, and speculative futures.

This exhibition is part of Kilkenny County Council Arts Office’s ‘Emerging Curator in Residence Programme’. This programme is enabling Aoife Banks to gain direct experience in the field of curating exhibitions for the Arts Office in Kilkenny. This opportunity provides Aoife with the platform to further develop her career, expand her artistic and creative networks, and avail of a
mentoring programme with curator Eamonn Maxwell.


Time: 4pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Visual Art / Visuals

Features: Family friendly

Address: 76 John's Street, Kilkenny

Phone: 0567794547

No Booking Required

Knitted Together 2 Shop Window Trail


In 2021 Kilkenny County Council Arts Office ran a fabulous project called Knitted Together 2.  We asked communities and volunteers around the County to knit or crochet squares resulting in 100s of volunteers knitting and crocheting at home during the Covid-19 restrictions.

We are thrilled with the results.

We collected beautiful blankets and hundreds of squares which were created into more gorgeous blankets. This exhibition trail, taking place in all of the charity shops involved, will delight you with a selection of the blankets. The skills and talents of our communities on show for all to see.

These blankets will be for sale from September 18th in the charity shops helping to raise much needed funds for their wonderful causes.

A huge THANK YOU to all who got involved and gave their time for this wonderful community arts project.


List of Charity Shops

Irish Cancer Society, 12 Parliament Street

NCBI, 62 High Street

Oxfam, 48 High Street

Enable Ireland, 34-39 Kieran Street

Samaritans Charity, 27 Kieran Street

Jack and Jill, 12 Friary Street

Saint Vincent De Paul, Butts Green


Time: 3pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Craft / Other / Visual Art

Features: Family friendly

Address: Johns Green House, Johns Green, Kilkenny

Phone: 0567794547

No Booking Required