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Katie Holly, Writer

Crossword: A New Audio Drama by Katie Holly


‘Crossword’ looks at the lives and motivations of two characters, Brian and Harry, through a series of interactions in their local library. Harry, an older man, recently retired, seeking to keep himself active and informed, and Brian a young arts graduate looking for a job and trying to decide a career path for himself.

Brian searches the job section of the newspapers. Harry does the crossword. From two different generations, they have two very different reasons for being in the library…and different things to be angry about. ‘Crossword’ is about finding the language to say how you are feeling – and then finding someone to whom you can say it.

Produced for Cork County Culture Night as an online audio drama, following a successful physical tour in 2019. Starring Tadhg Hickey and Danny Buckley.

Time: 4pm - 12pm

Genres: Live Radio / Performance / Spoken Word / Theatre

No Booking Required

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