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Blúiríní Béalóidis: What is Folklore? with Jonny Dillon


Welcome to Blúiríní Béaloidis, the podcast from the National Folklore Collection, University College Dublin.

In this introductory episode, hosts Jonny Dillon and Claire Doohan delve into definitions of folklore to dispel some common misconceptions surrounding this area of interest, as well as tracing the cultural and political context of the interest in folk-tradition, which saw it arise as an expression of romantic nationalist thought across Ireland and Europe of the 19th century.


The Main Manuscript Collection, assembled by the Irish Folklore Commission and its successors, preserves an important record of Ireland’s oral tradition and material culture. It features folklore recorded from across the 32 counties of Ireland, in both Irish and English.

Agus sibh in bhur suí cois teallaigh, nó fiú sa charr nó ar an mbus tráthnóna inniu, tabhair cluas éisteachta don agallamh shaibhir, fhairsing seo ina bpléitear bunús an bhéaloidis, agus an ceangal a chothaíonn sé idir an duine agus an tírdhreach chultúrtha, nádúrtha, agus shóisialta óna bhfáisceann sé.


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Time: 8pm - 8.30pm

Genres: An Ghaeltacht / Heritage / Spoken Word / Storytelling

Features: Family friendly / Gaeilge


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