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Irish Doctors Choir

Rotunda Hospital 275 Year Anniversary


The Rotunda Foundation will release a video featuring the Irish Doctors Choir’s online performance of excerpts of the ‘Foundling Hospital Anthem’ by George Frideric Handel, including the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’. The video, prepared by The Rotunda Foundation, will be shared as part of a fundraising event for the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin and in honour of its 275th anniversary. Donations can be made via the link at the end of the video, via the Rotunda Foundation Facebook page donation appeal and via its website.

During the pandemic lockdown, the Irish Doctors Choir and Orchestra connected online from their own homes all across Ireland and beyond, while many of them continued to work in the health service throughout. The choir formed an invaluable support to members during this difficult time, keeping them connected and bringing cultural relief. They are delighted to be able to donate this performance for the public good.

The choir and orchestra have already begun preparations for its next performance and recording, which will be in aid of Médecins San Frontière’s work in the developing world, which has been hit so badly by the pandemic. They will release this online on 29th November 2020.

Time: 4pm - 11pm

Genres: Arts and Crafts / Music

Website: http://www.irishdoctorschoir.ie

Phone: 0044 2871296224

Booking link to follow

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