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Irish Algerian Friendship Group

Insight into Algerian Culture


“An insight into Algerian Culture”

This event will feature short talks by the Algerian PhD students at the University of Limerick about Algeria, its different cultures, traditions and languages as well as religious aspects, followed by a Q&A session.

This event will showcase the richness and diversity of Algerian culture and will be an excellent opportunity to fulfil one the main goals of Limerick Irish Algerian Friendship Group – support the multicultural drive and internationalisation developments of Limerick City and County. It also facilitates best practise in PhD education by bringing a community-based approach to the internationalisation processes.

Time: 7.15pm - 8pm

Genres: Heritage / History / Language / Other / Talk

Address: The Hunt Museum, Rutland St, Limerick

Venue is Booked Out!