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International Dublin Writers’ Festival

Lockdown novel to literary success


Ireland has an internationally renown tradition of storytelling, and there is a growing market for the stories we uniquely can tell. For participants in 2020 Culture Night we would like to provide access to aspiring writers, those who may have written a first draft novel or first screenplay during our recent Lockdown, but are now ready to find out how to get it published or into production, how to grow reader interest, and finally move their work from desk drawer to bestseller list.

The International Dublin Writers’ Festival is unique in Ireland: it is fully focused on established and aspiring authors: on writer craft, on publishing and marketing.

To move your novel from a desk drawer to the bestselling list, IDWF is offering Culture Night attendees free access to its content


Time: 4pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Film / Literature

Website: http://www.internationaldublinwritersfestival.com

No Booking Required

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