Joanna Parkes

Howie the Tipperary Hedgehog


Join Joanna Parkes for three very special drama, play and storytelling events for children aged 3 to 6. The sessions will be online video-call style workshops on the first two Saturdays in September, and on Culture Night.   It is hoped that the same small group of children (10 children and an accompanying adult) will participate in all 3 sessions.

Themes to be explored over the 3 sessions– feeling scared and being brave, reducing fears and worries through talking and telling, creating our own cosy dens and hideaways, engaging with the environment and the natural world, looking around, noticing and seeing what’s around us.

Children will be asked to share their ideas about what they do if they’re feeling worried or anxious. What can Howie do to feel better? Can the children persuade him to venture out? Maybe Howie could visit a friend and talk to them – would it help if he had someone to talk to?

Children will asked to collect some materials for the third session – including sticks, twigs, leaves, acorns. Each child will be shown  a leaf identification sheet with drawn shapes of leaves from different native trees and they will be asked if they can look out and find similar shaped leaves when they go for a walk.   These sheets will be available to parents in advance of the Culture Night Workshop.

3  online workshops leading up to and including Culture Night –– 5th,12th 18th  Sept.

A small group of children will participate in 3 online video-call workshops

On Culture Night, an online den making and story session will take place where the children and adults build dens in their own homes and tell stories together via the screen.

 The children and adults will be invited to make their own dens (using chairs, tables, bamboo sticks, fabric and materials, cushions, rugs, string), creating a safe and cosy place to a hide in and shelter. They will be asked to collect leaves, sticks, acorns, any natural materials they can find to provide food and shelter for the hedgehogs. The room will be lit with little night lights and fairy lights and decorated with Autumnal colours and handmade Autumn leaves.

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Genres: Storytelling / Workshop

Features: Family friendly

Website: http://www.culturenighttipperary.ie

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