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Helga Deasy Dance

Dance Film: River Fragments


Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers’ (Heraclitus).

An ancient river, always in motion, a witness to the changing face of a city. Separating and reconnecting, embracing the city, eternally ebbing and flowing. In a dynamic flux two dancers journey along this river, until they meet, as the river meets the sea. Inspired by the philosophy of Heraclitus ‘River Fragments’ is a poetic exploration of the unity of opposites, constancy and change.

In the never-ending push and pull of the world we experience the dance of duality, me, you, us, them, inner, outer, darkness, light. When everything is always in flux, the only constant is change.

Choreography: Helga Deasy, Co-​directed by Eoin O hAnnrachain and Helga Deasy, Dancers: Kevin Hayes and Sara Hernandez, Music: Justin Grounds, Film: Eoin O hAnnrachain.

Event can be viewed at: on Friday 18th.

Created with kind support from the Firkin Crane and Cork City Council.

Time: 4pm - 12pm

Genres: Dance

Features: Family friendly


No Booking Required

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