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Grangegorman Histories celebrates Culture Night with a podcast exploring the history of the turret clock timepiece in Grangegorman.
To celebrate Culture Night 2021, Grangegorman Histories will launch a podcast exploring the extraordinary history of the unique turret clock in the Clocktower Building at Grangegorman. This James Waugh turret clock was installed in 1818 and it has remained a key feature of the building over the past 200 years. While the function of the Clocktower building has evolved over the past 200 years from its original purpose as the Richmond Penitentiary and later Grangegorman Female Prison and Transportation depot, where at least 3,200 women and girls were held before their transportation to Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) between 1836 and the early 1880s, several periods of use as a fever and cholera hospital and finally annexed to the then Richmond District Lunatic Asylum, the unique timepiece atop this historical structure has remained a constant. The podcast will be available at #GrangegormanHistories or wherever your source your podcasts from 17:00 on 17 September. Grangegorman Histories is a public history project of Dublin City Council, Grangegorman Development Agency, HSE, Local Communities, National Archives, Royal Irish Academy, and TU Dublin.

Time: 5pm - Any Timepm

Genres: Heritage / History

Features: Family friendly

Website: http://www.grangegormanhistories.ie/

Phone: 01 609 0600

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