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Beyond Blackness


This event titled, ‘Beyond Blackness’ is an exploration of the contemporary Black experience in Ireland and the conflation of race, ethnicity and the homogenisation of the Black experience  in discussions of cultural diversity in the Irish landscape.

‘Where does African-ness lie within the realms of Blackness’, ‘What is ‘Black’ culture in Ireland, aside from American/ British influence’, ‘Why are second- generation African migrants proud of their race, but not their ethnicity?’. This event is hosted by Gorm Media Team Member and African Scholar, Funmi Jinadu, and speakers include prominent Afro-Irish and Black voices in Ireland. The conversation will be accompanied by the musical styling of Afropopcity, a Limerick based hip-hop and Afrobeat collective of African and Afro-Irish artists and musicians.


Time: 8.15pm - 11pm

Genres: Heritage / Music / Other / Talk

Address: The Hunt Museum, Rutland Street, Limerick

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