Galway Deaf Culture- an insight and overview

Galway Deaf Centre

We plan to give an insight into Deaf culture and the Galway Deaf Centre. We aim to have three 30 minute sessions. At each session we will have a mini Irish sign language class , and we will hand out the ABC in Irish Sign Language. We will demonstrate some Deaf culture norms. We’ll also demonstrate and pass around some equipment that Deaf people use to access everyday life. We will have images of the Galway Deaf centres activities over the years. Some posters will be on display. Culture night coincides with International day of Sign Languages , with the theme for the day ‘Sign Languages unite us!’ . Which is a part of International week of the Deaf( 19 to 25 September 2022) with the theme this year of ‘Building Inclusive Communities for All’. So we feel its timely to celebrate Deaf culture as part of Culture night.

Genres: Other
Age Suitability: all ages
Features: Family friendly
Address: Galway Mechanics Institute, Middle Street, Galway, Ireland
Locations: Galway City
Event Start Time (pm)
8 pm
8.45 pm
9.30 pm
Event End Time (pm)
8.30 pm
9.15 pm
10 pm