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Three Dream Echo by Philip Fogarty


in association with Galway Court Service 
As evenings fell in the Pleistocene, Homo heidelbergensis stared into the campfire and saw visions of the future in the heart of the flames. And almost certainly, even in the absence of language, they responded with music.
Three hundred thousand years later, the music is still with us and in us, and an information-age campfire awaits your voice. Part AI, part human, part dream, the Three Dream Echo waits silently in the pixels to take up your sound and answer.
At once compelling and unnerving, the Three Dream Echo continues a series of live interactive pieces by Philip Fogarty, inviting you to explore the hybrid space of the person as simultaneous listener and performer, and not just to make, but to be, your own symphony.
Covid 19 regulations will be strictly adhered to for this performance. No more than three people will be admitted to the supervised space at any time, in which case these persons must be members of the same household. Entry will not be permitted to any person without a face covering. No children unaccompanied. All measures subject to review.
The artist
Composer, musician and vocalist Philip Fogarty has toured his original work with live ensembles in various configurations both in Ireland and abroad. His work runs the gamut from his roots in Irish traditional to rock, electronica and contemporary, having featured in installations, soundtrack and theatre, being namechecked in the literary field by best-selling author Ken Bruen in his Jack Taylor series of novels, with his composition “Lullaby for the Nameless” inspiring the thriller of the same name by Canadian writer Sandra Ruttan. Recent projects include I Claim Sanctuary, an interactive sound installation due to be staged later this year in conjunction with Paper Boat, an opera presented by Music for Galway in association with Irish National Opera. He lectures occasionally in NUI Galway.

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Heritage / Music / Visual Art / Visuals


No Booking Required