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Sacred Harp Singers of Dublin @ Friary Centre

Also known as shape note, Sacred Harp singing takes its name from a songbook called The Sacred Harp. This four-part a cappella music dates from the 16th through 20th centuries, and is characterised by haunting harmonies, traditional modes, raucous songs, serene hymns, fast fugues, and high-energy anthems. The notation is written in shapes that correspond to degrees of the scale, making it easy to sight-sing - though you do not need to read music to join in. This tradition is democratic and egalitarian. Though the text is often religious, we conduct our regular singings in a secular manner. We invite you to join us, to listen or participate. Loaner books will be available.

All voices are welcome, all levels of experience are welcome.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Address: The Friary Centre, Cook Street, Dublin 7

Website: sacredharpdublin.wordpress.com/

Phone: 892170066