Kilmallock - Limerick

Friars Gate Theatre

‘Free Market’, Friars Gate Theatre

6.45pm Friarsgate Theatre – ‘Free Market’ Insights

Introductory talk by the Free Market team about the pavilion

7-7.30 pm Friarsgate Theatre “The Sounds of Kilmallock” – How Kilmallock shaped the Sounds of Free Market

Sound Designer of the Venice Biennale, Diarmuid McIntyre will explore the Sound Design of Free Market which draws significantly from Kilmallock featuring everything from the till’s of Ryan’s Supervalu, the Bank Holiday Mart, Kilmallock Playground, the pedestrian lights. He will also dive deep into the unique soundscape of Kilmallock life. There’s humour in the sourcing of the sounds, surprises when different sounds echo each other, and powerful reflections on how our choices in how we live are echoed in the sounds we hear.

7.30 – 8.30 Friarsgate Theatre – “Gather Sound/Experience Sound” (Interactive)

Drop in from 7.00 to 8.30 for anything from 5-30 minutes.

Head off on the streets and nooks and cranny’s of Kilmallock with audio recorders (supplied) to capture your own sounds of Kilmallock. Bring back your sounds and engage with the composer as your sounds are edited live and woven into a collective soundwork ready for performance at 9.15pm (suitable for ages 8+ Children under 16 must be accompanied when collecting sounds by an adult). A team of experienced recordists will be on hand to guide you with easy to use equipment. For those who don’t wish to collect sounds, there will be an opportunity to experience live shaping of sounds being collected in surprising ways.

9pm Friarsgate Theatre “Kilmallock – As it Lives and Breathes” (Live Performance)

A sound rich performance of a brand new composition that will draw on the sounds collected by participants through the evening plus voices and sounds of Kilmallock collected over the past 10 years and during Free Market-Kilmallock, with live narrators, sound artists, and musicians with a twist.

Time: 6.45pm - 7pm

Time: 7pm - 7.30pm

Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Time: 9pm - 10pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Design / Performance

Features: Wheelchair accessible

Address: Friars Gate Theatre, Sarsfield Street, Kilmallock


No Booking Required