Find an obscure text to escape with!

Quay Books

We invite you to discover the secrets of an obscure bookstore.
While an algorithm may suggest a book that we are likely to enjoy based upon who we’ve been, nothing can replace the work of browsing to help us discover who we are or who we might become.
Quay Books tries to be a bookstore with a thoughtful, algorithm-free curation.

On Culture Night, we encourage you to discover in our shop publications from the Chicago-based Dalkey Archive Press who specialize in the publication of lesser-known, often avant-garde works. Also available on the night will be a number of works by writers published by the Limerick Writers’ Centre whose work might be considered beautifully abstruse or enigmatic, or even which might have remained undeservedly hidden or overshadowed.

Commencing at 6.00 pm, at 15-minute intervals, brief extracts will be read from these publications (four short readings each hour). The final reading will take place at 8.45 pm.

Genres: Literature | Poetry, Spoken Word
Address: Quay Books, 11 Sarsfield Street, Limerick, Ireland
Locations: Limerick City
Event Start Time (pm)
6 pm
7 pm
8 pm
Event End Time (pm)
7 pm
8 pm
9 pm