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Féile Media Film Showcase

Féile Derry
17:00 - 20:00
No Booking Required
All Ages


Féile Media will show a selection of recent film works which capture the ethos of Féile Media and the spirit of Féile Derry and the communities it is part of.
Drop- in for one, some or all of the screenings.

*Running order from 5pm*

- Stephen James Smith & Elma Orkestra:_Synomynous with Strength (3.12mins)
Spoken Word, Audio & Visual Collaboration with Ameila Films

- Lion For A Day (9 mins 23 secs)
Malcolm McCausland’s first book ‘Lion For A Day‘ tells the amazing true story of Nailor’s Row’s Olympic Medallist, Anton Hegarty. The life of Anton Hegarty seems more fiction than fact. This film tells some of his unbelievable story!

- James McClean Back Home in Creggan (2 mins 17 secs)
Short following James McClean on a return visit home to see his family and friends (and mural!) in Creggan

- The Good Friday Agreement - A Young Person's View (9 mins)
Easter 2023 marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Students from St Joseph’s Boy’sSchool and St Cecilia’s College in Creggan speak about their knowledge and views on the conflict, the Good Friday Agreement and the current political landscape.

- The Making of A Green Hill Far Away (28 Mins 43 secs)
In 2022, the Creggan estate celebrated its 75th anniversary. To mark this milestone, Féile worked with partner groups, residents and local young people on a new stage production, “A Green Hill Far Away”. 'The Making of A Green Hill Far Away' is a behind the scenes film documenting the production of the play over a 3 month period in 2022.

- Trojans: Unus Sumus (17 mins 34 secs)
Board members, players past & present of Trojans YCG and residents of Creggan feature in this new Féile film that documents the history and positive contribution the club and its members make to the Creggan area and wider city.

- Seán Dolans - More Than a Club (11 mins 31 secs)
Seán Dolans Gac is one of Derry's leading sporting and community organisations. The club is about to enter a new era with the opening of their new flagship facility in Creggan later this year. Féile worked with committee members, players past and present, and residents of Creggan to learn more about the history of Seán Dolan's and the club's vast contribution to community life in Creggan and beyond. A Communities In Transition Project funded by The Executive Office.

- Creggan Teenage Dreams (11 mins 40 secs)
Creggan Teenage Dreams’ follows a young Creggan girl pursuing her dreams despite pressure from friends and family. This film would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment of the young people and their leaders at St Mary’s Youth Club and Sean Dolans’ GAC.

- Be Yourself ( 31 Mins 36 secs)
This new Féile production follows Dee McLaughlin, a youth worker from Creggan, as he meets with a range of members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Derry to share stories about the issues they have faced in the past, those they face today and their hopes for the future. A Communities In Transition project funded by The Executive Office.

- Bar Man (16min 44 secs)
Joe Nelis is one of the best known barmen in the North West. This documentary by filmmaker Sean Coyle sees accounts from Joe and friends about his time behind the bar
Down The Brandy (18 mins) Written and directed by Séan Coyle, residents tell what it means to be from the Brandywell

- Echoes of the Genuine (6.45mins)
St Mary’s Youthclub in Creggan address the stereotyping and misrepresentation of young people in the area. Additional drone footage from Amelia Films.

- Sanctuary (29 mins)
Follow the journey of young men from Creggan who, with Féile travelled to Bedford, England to help build Sanctuary with the acclaimed artist David Best.

- Bealtaine (10 mins 12 secs)
Capturing the build up and the magic that happened on the streets of Creggan on Wednesday May 3rd 2023 at Bealtaine, the community’s new cultural festival.

- Down The Brandy (18 mins)
Written and directed by Séan Coyle, residents tell what it means to be from the Brandywell

- Freedom & The Sesh: A Squarebear Joint (26 mins 18 secs)
In 2023, Féile approached acclaimed artist Squarebear to take part in a documentary film with Féile’s Ruairi Campbell. The film follows Squarebear’s day to day habits and the creative contributions that come from that. Squarebear said ‘I found the practice challenging and a test of the intellectual validity of my work as opposed to it somewhat being a source of humour solely. In committing to this documentary I have found new questions I must answer myself because of it, as I transition from sesh culture into adulthood and also develop my voice as an artist beyond that. I hope the viewer can find a richer understanding of why I do what I do and getting an insight into the life I lead in my pursuit for art, while also giving an insight into my life as a Bogsider who to some degree has beaten those cultural labels.’

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