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Faró Quartet

Spencer Dock
18:00 - 20:00
No Booking Required
All Ages


"Faró are a collective of musicians that celebrate Irish music and bring its language to a wider audience with a fusion of ancient styles and contemporary arrangement. This set accompanies the interactive sculptural piece Bó Abhainn or River Cow which relates to the local history of the Docklands as livestock market and how it now serves as a vital haven for wildlife, and honours the traditional Dockers songs which are famous to the area.

Before creating Faró, frontman Fergus Cahillane was performing across the U.S, China, Europe and regularly across Ireland, featuring as a soloist and going on to present the Grammy nominated vocal ensemble ANÚNA and the Icelandic-Irish fusion group M’ANAM. He has recently been building his own instruments, making his own harp and 10-string mandolin.

Faró Quartet’s performance of traditional, folk and fusion music is part of an exciting programme of events at Spencer Dock for Culture Night Dublin 2023. Explore what else is happening at this venue in our web listings."

Wheelchair accessible


Full Address: Spencer Dock, Dublin 1
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