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LOVE LIFE LESSONS series by Ann Marie Kelly

An audio visual presentation of Ann Marie Kelly‘s LOVE LIFE LESSONS series.

Broadcaster, producer and filmmaker Ann Marie Kelly spent multiple weekly sessions with a group of Day Care residents at Ofalia House, Edenderry, County Offaly in conjunction with Anam Beo (Offaly’s arts, health & wellbeing organisation). Ann Marie has worked in Radio for over 20 years and her love of documentary has recently won her two Gold National IMRO Radio Awards for her work in interviewing people.

Her intention was to capture on film and sound a specific aspect of an older person’s life. Whether living with loneliness, dementia or physical illness, a series of questions centred around ‘life and love lessons’ for the viewer/listener.

A gentle approach allowed space for the resident to feel comfortable with Ann Marie. The pieces to microphone and camera were conversational and most times the resident forgot the presence of any recording devices. When that happened the resident allowed themselves to go right back in time. This process allowed them to go back so as to move forward. Intentionally Ann Marie knew none of their history so this allowed her to be a spectator as well as an interviewer with no intention to lead the interview, but merely guide it.

When this natural conversation occurred, and it happened frequently, it was magic.

In one example a man dealing with his wife’s death after caring for her for many years speaks unprompted and uninterrupted. His expression of lovefor her is heartfelt and he now wants to tell the world how much he loved her. Alongside this expression of love, it also allowed him to admit how difficult it was to care for someone when they are so unwell. He, now unwell himself, realises the importance in a recording of it so it can be seen by many as an example of his true devotion to her. He expressed after the interview how cathartic it was for him to be given the opportunity to put on tape his love for her after all the hardship.

In a similar cathartic moment for a resident, Ann Marie prompted a lady to remember her time working as a Barmaid in 1960s London. She was able re-live moments in the buzzing Irish bar filled with music, song and sadness when she acted not just as barmaid but as a counsellor for the many lonely young Irish men who were drinking their loneliness away. By allowing her to relive that time at length, she was able to recall a huge amount of memory that she had thought she had forgotten. She also said afterwards she realised how much she had helped ‘those poor young lost Irish souls’

There are many examples of this cathartic process in the LOVE LIFE series where the residents have no idea of the importance of their story or what life lessons can be passed onto the next generation. Their sage words can indeed be passed on and archived.

Ann Marie will also be broadcasting the series on Midlands 103 in her Open Door program with accompanying short video clips.


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