Edel MacBride Designer

Borders And Rib Structures In Irish Knitting


Aran knitting is a recognised symbol of Ireland the world over. As a craft passed through families visually it is now threatened by high volume offshore production. Irish designer Edel MacBride is passionate about keeping our knitting heritage alive, appreciated and local. In this class she explains the detailed edges Aran knits are known for, why those details are important and how to create them at home.

Edel MacBride Designer is a sustainable fashion company in the heart of Donegal, creating items of unique and lasting distinction and value since 1987. MacBride is a specialist in all areas of knit and crochet, especially hand crafted designs.

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Genres: Arts and Crafts / Craft / Design / Fashion / Live Demo / Workshop

Features: Family friendly


Phone: +353 83 343 7031

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