Dublin - Dublin City / South Georgian Quarter

Eamonn Farrell Art

The Naked City Virtual Exhibition


The Naked City is a virtual stroll through a stark and almost empty Dublin City during the Covid-19 Lockdown. Photographic artist Eamonn Farrell has used empty spaces, and boarded up shops, to digitally paint in images from his Elements of Nature project, which uses the nude form to reflect on issues of global warming, the position of women in Church and State, racism, sexual repression, consumerism, the economic collapse and the resulting heavy burden carried by many for the greed of a few.

He has also used a selection of dramatic news images from the last decade, as an introduction to the issues with which his project is concerned.

Time: 4pm - 11pm

Genres: Photography / Visual Art

Website: http://www.eamonnfarrellart.com

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