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Dublin Quakers Culture Night Committee

Cork Street Quaker burial ground and Quakers in the Liberties


This Culture Night, the Quaker burial ground in Cork Street will be open to visitors. Dating from 1697, and closed in 1868, this peaceful spot is the resting place for more than 4,700 local Quakers. There will be short talks and an exhibition organised by the Dublin Quaker Culture Night Committee. These will cover the rich social history of Quakers in Dublin’s Liberties associated with the Liberty Creche, the Meath Street School, and Meeting House.

Visitors will also hear about prominent Quaker merchants in weaving, tanning, and clothing enterprises in the early days, up until the Goodbody tobacco factories and W & R Jacob in the mid-19th century. The history of the burial ground will be outlined, and the beliefs and practices which led to the fact that there are only seventeen flat headstones, and one single upright one.

The entrance is off the street, to the left of the large, red-brick building, formally the James Weir Home for Nurses.

Time: 6pm - 10pm

Genres: Heritage / Talk / Tour

Features: Gaeilge

Address: Quaker Burial Ground, Cork Street, St Catherine's, Crumlin

Website: http://quakers-in-ireland.ie/historical-library/

No Booking Required