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Dublin: The Liminal Space - Renata Pekowska



‘Weedscapes’ is an animated celebration of biodiversity. It is composed of close-up drawings of weeds growing on Dublin streets.

‘Weed’ is one among many quintessentially anthropocentric ideas, resulting in environmentally inconsiderate attitudes and actions.

Set to harpsichord recordings, the images invite the viewers to consider the forms of common weeds as sublime and delightful.

The video is at the same time an invitation to look closely at things and concepts and form our own opinions on their value.

This project has been commissioned by Dublin City Council for Culture Night 2020, as part of Dublin: The Liminal Space.

You are also invited to participate in an accompany Weedscapes art activity, presented as part of Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane’s Culture Night programme.

Time: 5pm - 5.30pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Digital Art / Music / Visual Art / Visuals

No Booking Required

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