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The Dublin Liminal Space : Inni-K

Dawn & Dusk Song & Film Project - A Celebration of Dublin City Parks through Song


In this short film for Culture Night, Inni-K heralds the dawn & serenades the dusk with her songs during these special liminal parts of the day in some of Dublin’s well known city parks. 

“I’ve always held a huge appreciation for Dublin city parks. I doubt, in truth, I’d survive in the concrete & brick city without them, being a country girl at heart. These places in between – the lungs of the city, help us tune into ourselves & breathe a little deeper. During lockdown, the parks have never proved more vital; as spaces to go to outside the four walls of our homes, to exercise, safely meet a friend, read a book or simply watch the chestnut leaves in their fullness or smell the linden or subtle cherry blossom as we walk or cycle by; in short, to feel a little more human. This little song & film project is my ode to the parks.” – Inni-K

This project has been commissioned by Dublin City Council for Culture Night 2020, as part of Dublin: The Liminal Space.

Inni-K’s bandcamp page:  https://inni-k.bandcamp.com

Time: 8pm - 8.30pm

Genres: Music / Performance / Visuals

No Booking Required

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