Dublin Buddhist Centre

Buddhism meets modern western culture at the DBC!

Wherever in the world Buddhism has been practised, over its 2,500 year history, there has been a dialogue between the essential spiritual aspects of the tradition and elements of the local culture.

We are in a fascinating phase of Buddhist history where, for the first time, there is a meeting of this tradition with modern western culture.

On Dublin Culture Night we will be exploring aspects of this cultural interchange including an opportunity to learn meditation and yoga.

Note that no booking is required for any of these events, but the spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis.


4pm Introduction to Yoga

5pm Intro to Meditation: 'Mindfulness of Breathing'
6pm Intro to Meditation: 'Development of Loving Kindness'
7pm Intro to Meditation: 'Mindfulness of Breathing'
8pm Buddhist Responses to Current World Problems: Climate Change, Consumerism & Despair!
A talk by Vajrashura.

There are so many overwhelming problems facing today’s world. Hear what unique perspectives Buddhism has to meet them with creativity and confidence.

9pm Buddhist Responses to Current World Problems: Alternatives to Materialism & God
A talk by Jnanadhara.

Modern discourse tends to portray the only two options available as belief in God on the one hand, or materialist consumerism on the other. Buddhism offers an truly alternative path.

10pm Mantra Chanting Experience
Drop in and listen to the Triratna Buddhist Community chanting mantras from the Buddhist tradition. You are welcome to join in if you wish!

Time: 4pm - 11pm

Address: 5 Liberty Corner, James Joyce St, Dublin 1

Website: www.dublinbuddhistcentre.org

Phone: 01 817 8933