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New Realities from the DHG Student Forum


Coinciding with Culture Night 2020, the Douglas Hyde Gallery is delighted to launch an online interactive magazine: NEW Realities: Understanding Isolation. This is a new forum for experimental and plural perspectives on the role of art in society, initiated and delivered by the DHg’s Student Forum. A group of students and recent graduates who engage with the Gallery and its programming over twelve months, the main focus of this year’s group has been the interrogation of the purpose and possibilities of the gallery space.  

This interrogation took on a new dimension in light of the current global pandemic which has radically challenged and altered how art institutions can present artwork and engage audiences. The theme of Understanding Isolation emerged as a point of departure to reflect on new perspectives on the role of art, and they have adopted the online interactive magazine format. Perspectives presented by each member of the group vary; from addressing the myth of productivity to the evaluation of our engagement with the virtual, digital, and online world. However, each contribution offers a rich portal to think, imagine and dream.  

During Culture Night 2020, the launch of the magazine will be completed by a virtual symposium in which each contributor will present their response through the DHG’s social media platforms.  

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