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Death, Resurrection and Destruction – online screening

Eamonn Farrell Art

Our bogs contain the history of our nation, going back to the time the first primitive people arrived on our land from the south and east of the known world. The remains of many of them are buried deep in the bogs which are scattered through our countryside and which are now central to the sometimes bitter debate on Global Warming. Is an awakening possible?

The bogs are a fantastic natural resource with which to combat Climate Change by sucking carbon out of the atmosphere. At our pearl should we continue to use them to harvest fuel. To do so has the double effect of contributing to the amount of carbon heading skywards and the destruction of the sinkholes capable of trapping it.

Planet Earth is ours. We cannot live without it. But it will happily live on without us!

Content Warning:
This video contains nudity

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4 pm
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11 pm
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