Clare - Ennis

De Valera Library

The Book that made me a Reader

What makes someone a reader?  This is a question that librarians often get asked by parents.  So we though we'd bring some special guests to our library to discuss the books that transformed them.  We'll hear about the books that led them to become who they are today.  What was the book that made them fall in love, or made them understand something for the first time?  What was the book that made them feel challenged in ways they never knew they could be, emotionally, intellectually or politically?  What book made them readers or writers, or made them laugh, think or cry?  Join us and our guests as they explore the books, stories and experiences that changed them as readers.

Our guests will be Niall Allsopp, Malgorzata, Frank Gunter, Emily O'Dwyer, Gavin Grace, Ciana Campbell, Karen McDonnell and
Carlos Navotka.

The event will be facilitated by our host Sarah Clancy.  Audience participation welcome.

Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Address: Harmony Row, Ennis

Phone: 065 6846350