Monto and North Georgian Quarter

MIND the STEP – Dance Classes & Social Dancing


MIND the STEP will be hosting free one-hour dance classes from teachers and schools that rent the two studios regularly. Bring comfortable clothing and shoes and come get involved.

There will be partnered dances as well as solo. Bring comfortable clothing and shoes and come try:
4pm : Step Up – Free Studio Space | Step Down – TwerkFit with Nikki
5pm : Step Up – Locking & Indian Choreo with Bubble Lock | Step Down – Bellydance with Laura
6pm : Step Up – Ballet for LGBT+ with Tara | Step Down – Zumba with Kathleen
7pm : Step Up – Tango with Raúl | Step Down – Hip Hop with Jay Asolo
8pm : Step Up – Swing Dance with Full Swing | 8pm – Step Down – Bachata with BailaMar
9pm : Step Up – Forró in Dublin | 9pm – Step Down – Salsa with BailaMar
10pm : Step Up – Zouk with Wilson and Mona | Step Down – Blues Dance Social with Downtown Blues

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Genres: Dance
Age Suitability: Not suitable for children
Facilities: Café
Address: Mind The Step, Strand Street Great, North City, Dublin, Ireland
Locations: Monto and North Georgian Quarter
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
12 am
No Booking Required