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1.      Banna Píob Chuan Modh –  established in October 2010 with a view to setting up a Pipe Band in the Clew Bay Area.

Banna Píob Chuan Modh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    18:30

Banna Píob Chuan Modh was established in October 2010 with a view to setting up a Pipe Band in the Clew Bay Area. Banna Píob Chuan Modh translates as The Clew Bay Pipe Band.Des Cafferkey is the Pipe Major of Banna Píob Chuan Modh, which makes him the musical director, and senior instrumentalist. Peter Carney, Principal of Carrowholly N. S.  and Pipe Sergeant, is his deputy, and he coordinates the behind the scenes work and logistics for the group.


2.      Exhibition 10 years of art works  from  Sacred Heart Home.

Talk by Tom Meskil   (Artist Facilitator)                                                  19:00
We are delighted to Celebrate the last ten years of the ”Art Room” in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Castlebar bar facilitated by artist in residence Tom Meskell. All of the work in the show has been made by or in collaboration with the residents of the hospital. The majority of the work is from current participants and their creativity and diversity is shown here. There is no set “style” at play the variety of the work reflects the variety of the participants involved. The artistic approach has been developed by Tom Meskell through working with experts in the field of arts and health. The basic approach can be summed up as an artist working with artist, all participants are treated as fellow artists and creatives. The facilitator role is to help them find and realise their creative vision, this approach helps fulfil the objective of person-centred care in an artistic and creative sense. We emphasise the use of quality materials and an ethos of encouragement and support free from judgement. Mark Walsh facilitated the programme from 1998 to 2007, there was then a break in the programme until 2009. At this time Tom Meskell took up the post as part of the Mayo Co. Co. Arts in Health Mentoring programme and in 2011 the wonderful Charity “Friends of the Sacred Heart” stepped in and started funding the programme, in 2016 the HSE took over the funding. In the last Ten years there have been numerous Art exhibitions and the film “The Room” was made in 2014 which was nominated for a human rights in film award. Some of the current artists are from the original group in 1998 and working with the arts has become part of their identity. The arts programme in the Sacred Heart was founded, in 1998, as part of the Mayo County Council “artist in the community residency programme” by Deidre Walsh. The founding programme resulted in a book called “Creative Reverie” many consider this programme a blueprint for arts in care settings. We are very proud of our participant’s, and what they have achieved, and are delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit in the main gallery of the Customs House Studios.

3.      Exhibition by Maria Wood .

Capturing the Light; Marie Wood                                                                                                                                                                                                                        18:00 – 21:00

Talk by Marie Wood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   19:45
The Exhibition is a distillation of the spirit of the Mayo landscape, revealing a sense of the extraordinary, looking past the obv ious and capturing the fleeting magical light. The land/seascape images are my most recent works. They are all mixed media collage/painting. They reflect where I am to date in my quest to convey a sense of the place that is my home. Energy and passion are a constant presence throughout the works. I delight in the pleasure of seeing; being totally in tune with my surroundings, and somehow trying to find the right alchemy between the medium, the subject and the moment. My camera is my sketch book, and the photographs I take are often the starting point for working, influencing composition and colour of each new piece. I am not interested in portraying a likeness but want to create something which represents the total experience and excitement of that place, at that time. I use prepared experimental painted and printed papers that create an unusual palette of textures and colours, these materials throw up unexpected pathways into the work. When applied, they take on a life of their own, creating a new order, an equivalence, which invariably develops its own dynamic aesthetic beyond the initial photograph, often more abstract, but beating to the time of the initial idea. I continue to develop and experiment with ideas; each new work is almost like re-learning everything from scratch! Marie Wood studied and trained in Birmingham, and then worked in art education in both Birmingham and Cumbria for nearly 20 years. She has been working as a professional artist for 18 years and has been living in Mayo for almost 5 years, having moved from the UK. Marie has exhibited widely in public and commercial galleries throughout Scotland, England and Ireland. Her first solo exhibition was in The National Gallery of Scotland, and she has twice exhibited works at The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.  Marie has works in private collections in Ireland, UK, America, Italy and France.

4.      Poetry and music TBC.

5.      Open Printmaking Studio  – come along and participate by making  your own drypoint print.

6.      Arts Workshop  – Guests are invited to make art work from a choice of materials and mediums. Parents and children will work together.

7.      An opportunity to visit working artist’s studios.

Music and Poetry with Mike Absalom                                                                                                                                                                                                                       20:30 

Mike Absalom was one of the real folk-singing characters of the seventies club and college music circuit. In England in the late sixties, he joined the burgeoning club and college music circuit with an act based around the singing of mainly traditional bawdy rugby-style songs. An album of this material was released on the Sportsdisc label in 1966. He began to write his own material which largely consisted of his wry and humorous observations on various aspects of life, but concentrating on sex, drugs and the church. This self penned material first featured among the songs on his second album which was entitled Save the Last Gherkin For Me on the collectable Saydisc label released in 1968 which also featured a well-known session guitarist of the time – Diz Dizley. His self-titled Vertigo album appeared in 1971 and featured an early Roger Dean designed fold-out sleeve based on the content of Mike’s songs and was produced by Campbell-Lyons. It contained material based on drugs, sex, police corruption and politics humorously encapsulated in Mike’s unique brand of storytelling poetry set to acoustic guitar.  Mike continued this formula on his fourth album which came out on the Philips label in 1972 entitled Hector And Other Peccadillos. On this he introduced Hector the dope sniffing hound, W.P.C. Sadie Stick and Flasher Jack as well as performing songs about a novel way to deal with the Taxman, his views on the Church and a song about the ancient Britons. He appeared on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1972 performing songs from the Hector… album along with his band which consisted of Ray Fenwick (ex-Quiver), Eric Dillon, John Perry and Mike Weaver and continued on the college circuit until the mid-seventies.


Time: 6pm - 10pm

Genres: Live Demo / Music / Printmaking Demonstrations / Talk / Visual Art / Workshop

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