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Culture Night At Dance Limerick – Dance of Lights by Slavek Kwi

Dance Limerick
18:45 - 19:45
No Booking Required
All Ages


6:45pm Dance of Lights by Slavek Kwi
In this immersive experience by Slavek Kwi attendees are invited to create light with small
torches, to join a party with live music, to watch, draw, dance and see the spontaneous light

Imagine an alien race living in a completely different paradigm, communicating via sounds
reminiscent of the human concept of “music”. Imagine this alien is trying to tune in
surrounding environment, looking for a way to co-exist within an unknown habitat. Every
sound has the same potential to interact, all sounds are equal participants in ecological
organism. The alien is trying to find his own equal place within, the same as any other

SLAVEK KWI is a sound-artist, composer and researcher interested in the phenomena of
perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality. He has a long-standing
fascination with sound-environments, developing what he terms ‘electro-acoustic sound-
paintings’ (he has synaesthesia) that oscillate between sound only works and interdisciplinary
works exploring social, spatial and temporal processes.

From 1991 Slavek has operated under moniker of Artificial Memory Trace. Then, gradually he
evolved into disembodied gender-less sound-entity alfa00. Since 2018, alfa00 is an active
ambassador of uni.Sol_*, an international project exploring extrasensory communication and


Full Address: Dance Limerick, John's Square, Irishtown, Limerick, Ireland
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