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Imbas Forosnai - First Look


‘Imbas Forosnai’ is a short film directed by Shane Serrano, written by spoken word artist Shane Davis and with the consultation of anthropologist and folklorist Dr. Billy Mag Fhloinn. The film is produced by Pete Moles for Crude Media.
For Culture Night, the team have prepared a special look behind the scenes preview of this ambitious production funded by the Limerick Arts Office.
Set in modern day Ireland, ‘Imbas Forosnai’, which translates to ‘Wisdom That Illuminates’, is based on the clairvoyant practices of poets of ancient Ireland. Still practised by those with the eyes to see, a young poet travels through space and time to come face to face with an entity as old as Éire. The film taps into the primal desire for meaning, connecting ancient ritual with contemporary concerns, combining ambitious visuals with the poetry of Shane Davis, where he embodies a great and ancient entity and speaks from the perspective of the River Shannon.

Time: 9pm - 9:15pm

Genres: Film / Spoken Word

No Booking Required

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