the corridor & 1. Deutsches Stromorchester

`the corridor´ is a new arts project from Dundalk, which explores borders and their political, social and cultural consequences through a series of public talks, screenings and exhibitions. With artists from all fields, historians, sociologists, contemporary witnesses and other experts we want to discuss the history of the Irish border and the future challenges of the upcoming EU border for this area. Our first event series is a collaboration with the 1. Deutsches Stromorchester (1st German Electrophonic Orchestra).

LINEAR BELONGINGS opens with the sound survey Belfast-Dublin a perennial, interdisciplinary cooperation between THE CORRIDOR (Dundalk) and the 1. DEUTSCHES STROMORCHESTER (1st GERMAN ELECTROPHONIC ORCHESTRA, Cologne) which explores, defines and performs vertical and horizontal territories outside of politics, religion, borders and barriers.

The survey of the tangent Belfast-Dundalk-Drogheda-Dublin – a common cultural area which will be divided by the external border of the European Union in the near future – is, for the Cologne edition, liberated from its territory and transformed into the physical vertical.

Directly following the intervention in Ireland, a simultaneous sound-space-orchestration on the five stacked levels of the tower of LTK4 – Klangbasierte Künste Köln will take place. The performance made of sounding and visually found objects, space-related compositions and site-specific improvisations as well as medial materials and partially fractured textures interlocks the positions of the participants from Northern Ireland, the Republic and Germany and is curated by Anne Mager and Rochus Aust.

Culture Night Ireland on Friday, Sep. 22nd, 2017:

Performances and interventions in Belfast (3pm) 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra together with Paddy Bloomer

Starting point: Belfast City Hall, ending at Lawrence Street Workshops

Dundalk (5pm) 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra together with Aoife Ward Starting point: Newry Road Bridge / Riverside Cresent

Drogheda (7pm) 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra Starting point: Hugh deLacey Bridge (Quays North to South)

and Dublin (8pm) 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra together with Seán Hillen Starting point: Mountjoy Parade, Dublin 1

Time: 8pm - 9:30pm

Address: Mountjoy Parade, Dublin 1


Phone: 083 8284193