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On Venice

This year the Master of Architecture students have been considering Venice under the thematic of “Familiar Fields & Uncharted Territories”. From an initial reading of Venice as a fragile ecosystem, continuously oscillating between the issues of an historic city (preservation, identity, tourism) and a modern or contemporary urban conglomeration (accessibility, employment, sustainability), we will begin to test the concept of “peripheries” and its multiple meanings in architecture.

Venice, and to some extent Italy, represents a unique opportunity to test the multiple aspects that periphery represents – temporal, spatial, intellectual, technological, cultural, pedagogical and political. How does the notion of periphery (or its opposite) affect the construction of memory? How does edge conditions affect practice and discipline? How infrastructures and mobility transform the perception of peripheries? What symbiotic relationships exist between centre and periphery, to sustain their reciprocal existence? Different readings and interpretations of these themes will be presented in the architectural projects on display.

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Genres: Architecture / Visual Art

Features: Wheelchair accessible

Address: CCAE, Douglas Street


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