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Clonbur Cloghbrack Community Council / Ed Coulson

Clonbur le Chéile – sa Choill!


Experience Clonbur Woods in a new and magical way, where voices and music can be heard in unexpected places.

Install the free Echoes sound walk app and look for ‘Clonbur le Chéile’ or find it in the map view. Tap ‘Download’ to put the audio onto your phone before you head to the start of the walk, which begins at the playground entrance to the woods, by Burkes’ Garage in Clonbur (F12 XD35).

All the sounds are on the main path. When one sound finishes, keep walking to find the next one. The walk finishes at a clearing with two picnic benches just before Ballykine Castle, about 25 mins’ walk in. Earphones or headphones essential!

Event in Irish & English

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Time: Any Timepm - Any Timepm

Genres: Sound Walk

Features: Family friendly / Gaeilge

Address: Clonbur Woods, F12 XD35


Phone: 087 384 5048

No Booking Required