Galway - Galway City

Ciúnas Project – Quiet Spaces in a Buzzing City with Eugene McKeown

An introduction to some of the quiet spaces to be found in the city - Galway is a buzzing cosmopolitan city with all of the noise that goes with city living. It is important that citizens and visitors have somewhere to relax and escape from this noise.

To some this requires silence, but absolute silence is extremely hard to achieve and can be quite disturbing. There are many places in the city where the noise is ‘screened’ by structures or ‘masked’ by natural sounds. This event illustrates how ‘peace and quiet’ can be found on a short walk in the city and will include a performance of John Cage’s famous ‘silent’ piece 4’ 33’’.

Meet at the entrance to Galway City Museum, Spanish Parade.

6:00-6:35 pm,

7:00- 7:35 pm, and

8:00-8:35 pm

Time: 6pm - 8.45pm

Address: Galway City Museum, Spanish Parade, Galway,


Phone: (091) 532 460