Cork - Cork City

CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Sharman Crawford St. Campus

The State of Print /Cork

The STATE OF PRINT /CORK is a proposition: an evolving visual declaration initiated by an international collective of artists beguiled and amused at the catastrophe of current social political thinking and the comedy of established systems of governance. The State of Print has no boundaries. It has the potential to expand by invitation – with each contributor becoming a citizen of the State of Print. At a time when the current state of nation power is globally inflexible and dogmatic, this project provides a creative and theoretical antidote to the current paradigm.

The artists have cast adrift on a nonsense of our own (print)making – a makeshift non-geographical region built upon the flow of ink and a constitutional raft of recycled cardboard.

The intention is to explore the current state of nations and the notion that everything that formalises a nation state is printed – money, maps, laws, information, governments, monarchies etc. Elements include: State of Print Exhibition/Installation, The Gastronomy Print Laboratory, Live Screen Printing, Performance Poetry, projections, and the expanding collection of paraphernalia associated with the state.

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Genres: Literature / Spoken Word

Features: Wheelchair accessible

Address: CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Sharman Crawford St. Campus


Phone: 021 433 5200

No Booking Required