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Moments Collection by Paul Murray

Paul Murray is an artist from Donegal. He spent over 10 years working as a sound engineer and film/documentary maker before returning to education to study within the Architectural field, specialising in energy efficiency and green building techniques.

His work has been selected for a number of group exhibitions over the past few years. Most notably the Glebe Gallery’s Easter Exhibition 2018 & 2019 (Donegal) and Cairde Visual 2019 (Sligo).

These new works explore the relationships between memory, colour and emotion. This collection of stunning work draws on the viewer’s intrigue, inviting us to be present in the moment of viewing. These graphic works create a unique visual language in capturing the ‘Moments’ of reflection in our lives.

As with our other senses such as taste and smell, the visual trigger of colour can remind us of a certain person, place or moment in time. The concept of each watercolour piece is to capture that moment in time, then refining it down to a singular idea, a single repeated abstracted image and a single colour, diluted to different degrees to give the different shades seen across each piece; with one section left blank to represent where we hold that memory.

Paul has used the highest grade of materials, Holbein watercolours on Arches watercolour paper to achieve the richness and depth of colour in each piece.

“Paul has created a unique visual language with this work. Each piece has such depth in its concept; his attention to detail and the intricacy of each piece is incredible. The fact that it is all done by hand, section by section and not a computer is amazing. A rare talent.”

Richard Noble, Photographer

Phone: +353 (0)83 111 1133 Email: info@paulmurrayartist.com
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