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Cavan Library


Featured Artists: Cameron Smith, Andrea Monge, Nicole Bricker, Marilyn Gaffney, Monika Rosen, Alex Ortega, Lee Vasu, Marshall Jones and Billy Seccombe.


This exhibition embodies an eclectic mix of contemporary artists that focus on painting and drawing portraits and the figure, displayed especially for Culture Night in a digital setting.

The collection contains a mosaic of work through a life long study of anatomy, depth, color and light, through the unique vision of each artist. Fusing together an achievement of what is currently being created by contemporary artists in representational art at the peak of a new era.

This group of artists created life studies while on an artist’s resistance at Dacia Gallery, Manhattan East Side, New York City, USA.



Time: 4pm - 8.30pm

Genres: Screening / Visual Art

Features: Wheelchair accessible

Address: Farnham Centre, Farnham St, Abbeyland, Cavan


Phone: (049) 437 8500

No Booking Required

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