Botanical Painting with Artist Breda Malone

An Gairdin Beo

Pop into An Gairdin Beo, a two-acre community garden in the centre of Carlow town and meet the wonderful artist Breda Malone and watch her at work as she demonstrates how she creates and develops her incredible botanical art paintings.

Hello ! I am Breda Malone
Designing homes has been a passion of mine over the last thirty years. From my early days in Kilkenny Design working on projects that took me to New York, to projects that took me the length and breadth of Ireland, from small country farmhouse to grand castles.
Art has been a lifelong journey. Over the past number of years I have taught others through the National Education and Training Board, how to sketch and paint, and I know I have instilled in many of them a passion for art.

Genres: Arts | Crafts | Traditional Skills, Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, sculpture, Digital Art, Print, etc)
Age Suitability: All ages
Features: Family friendly
Address: An Gairdin Beo, Dublin Road, Rathnapish, Carlow, Ireland
Locations: Carlow Town
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
8 pm
No Booking Required