Wexford - Wexford Town

Blue Egg Gallery

Designing Wexford

Have you ever wondered how the buildings, streets, signs, furniture, advertisements, clothing and media surrounding us came to be the way they are? And have you ever thought you might change some of these things for the better? Join Fuse:d, the South East’s design and business network and the 100 Archive, Ireland’s digital archive of communication design, to redesign Wexford as part of Culture Night in the Blue Egg Gallery!
This hands-on, interactive workshop is a fun opportunity to learn how design affects everything around us, from the coffee cups we drink out of to the streets we walk along, the websites we browse and even the services we use. Local designers will be on hand to guide you through the design thinking process, showing you how, through collaboration, you can use your creativity and imagination to identify problems and opportunities in your surroundings and design your own solutions. You might create a tourism campaign for Wexford, new way finding, design a new building or public space for the town, find ways to encourage recycling, or who knows what else?! You will develop and share your ideas through discussion, writing and drawing.
This event is for all ages and no booking is required; everyone is welcome to come and share their ideas!

Time: 7pm - 8.30pm

Genres: Design / Visual Art / Workshop

Address: John's Gate Street, Ferrybank South, Wexford, Ireland

No Booking Required