Birr Growery Presents ‘Growing Local Culture’

Birr Growery, Garden of Number 1 Oxmantown Mall, Birr

This event will see a candle lit evening, with light refreshments provided, a selection of short presentations, and a participatory workshop for all attendees. The theme will look back at 7 years of development of local culture through the Growery while revealing hidden gems for the benefit of the next 7 years.

Genres: Biodiversity | Natural Heritage | Climate Change, Food | Gastronomy, Heritage (Tangible | Intangible), Multidisciplinary
Age Suitability: All ages
Address: Oxmantown Mall, Townparks, County Offaly, Ireland
Phone: 0892324012
Locations: Birr
Booking Email: [email protected]
Event Start Time (pm)
7.30 pm
Event End Time (pm)
8.30 pm
Booking required