Birr Castle, Gardens and Science Centre

Short Film: M.51 Spiral Nebula


This short film is a visual essay in celebration of the discovery of the spiral structure of the Nebula Whirlpool. This momentous discovery was made by William, the 3rd Earl of Rosse. It allowed humans to see for the first time that we lived not in a singular galaxy but multiple galaxies.

Made on location in Birr Castle, Gardens and Science Centre, the short film is a collaborative project from composer Ann Cleare, singer Pascal Kennedy, cinematographer Brendan Farrell and director Fiona Breen.

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Please note:

Film will also be screened at 7pm in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre. It will also be available to watch online at 10pm.

Time: 7pm - 7.15pm

Genres: Audio Visual / Film / Heritage / Science / Visuals

Features: Family friendly


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