Art Arcadia

PARTITION: Rebalancing the books

Paul Sullivan revisits an earlier project, PARTITION, that he carried out in Derry in 2013, with a series of public consultations and will present the ‘Four Square Laundry’ project. The new work is presented as a mixed-media installation consisting of new text, drawings, audio-visual and audio, with further new material being developed during the residency at St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse in September 2019.

The project is for SALE. The required percentage of the money raised through the SALE of the ‘Four Square Laundry’ installation, will be paid back to the people of Derry as the PARTITION ‘rebalance money.’

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Genres: Other

Address: St Augustine’s Old Schoolhouse, Palace Street, L’Derry BT48 6PS

No Booking Required