Art Arcadia

Mariner by Conor McFeely


Launch of permanent light installation commissioned by Art Arcadia, in St Augustine’s Old Graveyard, visible from dusk/at night time.

Mariner is a response to the site of St Augustine’s graveyard in relation to its physical form and spiritual function. The site reflects the human need to address the transition from one plain of existence to another and to provide an interface for the contemplation of a movement between the two worlds of life and afterlife, or non-death. The title for this work references the NASA space missions of the early 1960s developed to probe and explore uncharted cosmic terrain. NASA in turn had appropriated the nautical term, mariner, to convey the impression of travelling great distances to remote lands.

The installation consists of a series of thirteen cylindrical white LED tubes. Each light approximates to a gravestone in terms of size. The lights are organised in the form of a very slow fading transitory movement; a light-cycle of fluorescent signals positioned to highlight and connect selected stones and enhance a sense of the slow but constant shifting settlement of the graveyard.  Mariner is designed to fade in and out and at the same time connect and emphasise particular areas of the graveyard, individual graves and overhanging trees. They are programmed to operate between dusk and midnight. This installation focuses on the physical structures present, provoking consideration of the site’s current sculptural presence and history, hinting at the potential for transcendence.

Mariner is a public commission by Art Arcadia on the site of Colmcille’s first monastery in Ireland. It is a celebration of the legacy of Colmcille as a uniting and shared figure who crosses communities, generations and nations.

This project has been partially supported though the Colmcille1500 Grant Scheme which is funded by the North West Development Fund and Creative Ireland, in conjunction with and supported by The Executive Office and The Irish Government. It has also been funded by The Community Foundation NI and Derry City & Strabane District Council as part of the Inside Out Festival.

Time: 6pm - 12pm

Genres: Heritage / Visual Art

Features: Family friendly / Wheelchair accessible

Address: St. Augustine’s Old Graveyard, Palace Street, Londonderry BT48 6PP


No Booking Required