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Bringing Bacon Home: Exploring Francis Bacon's Time in Abbeyleix


A pre-recorded documentary style video on Francis Bacon’s life in Abbeyleix and how his time at Farmleigh influenced his work. Bacon’s maternal grandmother, Winnie Supple, lived in Farmleigh House, Abbeyleix. For the young Bacon, Farmleigh was a sanctuary, a place where he could experience the strong familial bonds otherwise absent from his life.

Take a deep dive into the home life of one of the most iconic artists of our time. There will be footage of Farmleigh as well as interviews with individuals who can speak about this time. Finally, there’ll be an artist-led talk on the pieces of Bacon’s work that include Abbeyleix influences.


Time: 4pm - 12pm

Genres: Film / Heritage / History / Museum / Talk / Visual Art

Features: Family friendly


Phone: 057 8731653

No Booking Required

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